New Years

Photo by: Roven Images/Unsplash How have you started the new year? I know we are in another National Lockdown in the UK but that doesn’t mean you can’t have New Year’s resolutions, goals, challenges...  So far this year, I have: Started reading regularly again *takes a breath of fresh air* Gotten into a routine with … Continue reading New Years

How To Show Gratitude For The Year 2020

This is the time of year where we usually share our highlights on social media and think of our New Year’s Resolutions… I have still seen posts of this nature but the tone is different. Some showing more gratitude for what we have, some who cannot wait to see the back of 2020, and some … Continue reading How To Show Gratitude For The Year 2020

Tier Four Christmas

If you’re in London or the South East, you will be in tier 4 like me. Thankfully that doesn’t mean I have to spend Christmas alone as I can still spend it with my family. However, for many, this is not going to be possible.  I wholeheartedly send my love and support to those who … Continue reading Tier Four Christmas

4 Things To Do In Tier 3

In London, like much of the country, we have just entered ‘Tier 3’. I’m sure wherever you are, you have experienced similar restrictions and similar emotions during this global pandemic. Hopefully, these are things you can still do no matter where you are or what restrictions you face…  Exercise regularly Whether you are having a … Continue reading 4 Things To Do In Tier 3

More On Lockdown Hacks

I definitely made up for my “shortcomings” last week and had something that was more like a judgement free long weekend, let alone day! I had finished all my work in time to have a free weekend so decided to relax for the weekend which then accidentally extended into Monday (and a sneaky bit of … Continue reading More On Lockdown Hacks