Living In The Present – A Short Story

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash A lot of the time, when I read mental health articles or listen to podcasts, people write and speak often about living in the present. I never really understood this much until I went travelling, and realised having loose plans subject to change is really the best way to … Continue reading Living In The Present – A Short Story

5 Tips for First Time Backpackers

Picture by: Emily Nagioff You may question why I’m writing an article about backpacking or the possibility of travel when we’re in December 2020 and the likelihood of backpacking is seeming unlikely. Well, because 1) I find that one thing that has helped me mentally survive this global pandemic is by having a future bucket … Continue reading 5 Tips for First Time Backpackers

Travelling Helped Me Survive A Breakup

*Article re-published* The world is in a disarray right now. You could say 2020 has not been the year I was expecting when I was celebrating on the 31st of December in Indonesia. Like many, I believed this year would be a fresh start, a whole 12 months of exciting, new possibilities regarding my travels, … Continue reading Travelling Helped Me Survive A Breakup

Spirit: Why Can’t It Be Free Forever?

Watching the film as a child I always loved the way that Pocahontas’ hair would blow in the wind, the way she would leap from the top of waterfalls with such carefree abandon, the ease with which she would skip through the forest and up the trees.  I dreamed of visiting places with clear waterfalls and thick ancient forests when I grew up.  I would run through the fields and woods where I lived pretending that I was Pocahontas, I would talk to the animals that I would encounter, and I would long to explore the world outside of my little village.