Tracing The Roots Of My Anxiety

Photo by Jacob Buchhave on Unsplash Many mental health issues do not simply appear out of the blue. In lots of instances, their root causes can be traced back to specific events or periods in our lives. This is certainly the case with me and my anxiety. As part of the recovery process, I spent … Continue reading Tracing The Roots Of My Anxiety

What It’s Really Like Living With Agoraphobia

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash My Experience With Agoraphobia Living with agoraphobia is like being contained in a box that is far too small. There's very little breathing space. It's suffocating, isolating, and overwhelming. I first noticed the signs a few years ago, when I was in sixth form. I would go to school … Continue reading What It’s Really Like Living With Agoraphobia

My Last Counselling Session

Photo by: Matt Flores/Unsplash Here we go. My last session. Six months of sitting in a waiting room every Monday evening staring at the same plastic plant just like the rest of the waiting room troops. Eye contact is strictly forbidden! Six months of sessions attending as a crunched up slinky and leaving every session … Continue reading My Last Counselling Session