The National Shame Of Love Island

nstoppable train that is Love Island worries me most because, to me, it means one of two things.  Either the progress we have apparently made as a society in reducing the stigma around mental health and improving attitudes is all fake and is nothing more than a trend for people to get more likes and clout on the internet and no one really wants to fight for genuine change.  Or protecting people’s mental health, preserving someone’s life, is simply not as important to people as some low-rate evening entertainment.

Mental Health: The Stigma Needs To End!

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash Mental health: The stigma needs to end The problem with your mental health is that it’s all in your head! Chances are if you are suffering from a mental health issue, the majority of people you come into contact with will have no idea. It is entirely your choice … Continue reading Mental Health: The Stigma Needs To End!

Internalised Stigma

Photo by: Thought Catalog/Unsplash It is great to think that we live in a world that is, on the  whole, making a conscious effort to better educate itself as  a whole about mental health issues, and is making great  strides towards creating a stigma-free existence for those  who struggle with their mental health. But one … Continue reading Internalised Stigma

Meghan Shocks The World With The S Word Can This Help Break The Stigma

Graphic by: Eleonora Girotto. Photo by: Genevieve/Flickr On a Tuesday morning stroll around the park, you’d normally listen to the laughter of small children playing and the birdsongs painting the fresh air around you. Occasionally, one dog would bark to catch its owner’s attention.  But this Tuesday it was a tune: the only sound that … Continue reading Meghan Shocks The World With The S Word Can This Help Break The Stigma