Don’t Stop Now, Keep Going!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash You are currently at a vital point in your lives. This period will be career defining, it will shape your life. But it has come with the added challenge of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, tough times persist but we want you all to keep going! You have come this … Continue reading Don’t Stop Now, Keep Going!

Editor’s Letter – September 2021

Photo By: Richie Hancox Hi everyone! I sincerely hope you all had a great summer! It went way too quick, didn't it!?! Nonetheless we move on, life and the world never stops! It's that time of year, schools and universities are ready to return! A significant period of the year for loads of people, I … Continue reading Editor’s Letter – September 2021

Ready To Prioritize Mental Health?

When you hear the words mental health, what do you think of? Do you visualize walking through nature or taking a long bath? Do terms such as mindfulness and self-care come to mind?  Maybe you view mental health as a superfluous, taboo topic. Now think about your mental health. What does your mental health mean … Continue reading Ready To Prioritize Mental Health?

Lasting Effects of Bullying

I will never forget her because of the things she did, small things, but things that have had a huge effect on my life and the relationships I have been able to form with people.  While she moves through life apparently totally unaware of the heartache and pain that she caused.