©viennarightnow.com Dis/Sociation35,6 x 28 cmMixed media technique2018©viennarightnow.com Dis/Sociation UmbilicalCut the cordDon’t cut the cord There is a new omphalosLaunch your eaglesDon’t hide your longing Brace yourselfDon’t hold backAny ground is ground Thrown back on your ownWithout a place to liveStay out and resist Wishing you the love you never hadGettin’ back all the feelings you … Continue reading Dis/Sociation

All cried out – Painting + Poem

Painting by Michaela Maria Hintermayr All cried out28 x 35,6 cmCarbon, Gouache, and Acrylic technique©viennarightnow.comAll cried out Your canvasYour lifeMake something out of it Which tears?We don't have any time to wasteHurry up! What are you waiting for?Self-inventSelf-indulgeWhy so shaky?Ponder and planChoose and move Grow richMake your luckDon’t question that so much But you keep tellin’ … Continue reading All cried out – Painting + Poem

Crisis Plan – A Short Poem

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash Hold your nerve When the world around you is in chaos,  bunker down in the storm and wait.  Have faith that you are the true good man.  When all the bad is circling you as if you attract it,  know that you are on the right path,  that you … Continue reading Crisis Plan – A Short Poem

Dear Friend – A Short Poem

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash I was just thinking about you a while, And felt the need to write to you, I have missed you lately.  I was remembering the good times,  When the days stretched out for weeks, Our skin was grubby and golden.  Running through fields and forests.   I know the world was a … Continue reading Dear Friend – A Short Poem