I Know How Hard It Is To Get Help

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash Listening to the news recently, it was disturbing to hear that gaining access to mental health counselling services in the UK can take months. From my own experience, I know how tough it can be. If you are in that position you are not alone. Please don’t give up … Continue reading I Know How Hard It Is To Get Help

Why We Need To Tackle Stress

Photo by Yosi Prihantoro on Unsplash Everybody experiences stress every so often. It is just an unfortunate part of being human. There is no way of escaping from it. However, what can be escaped from is seeing it as something to be proud of. This is essential as stress is having a detrimental effect on … Continue reading Why We Need To Tackle Stress

Lasting Effects of Bullying

I will never forget her because of the things she did, small things, but things that have had a huge effect on my life and the relationships I have been able to form with people.  While she moves through life apparently totally unaware of the heartache and pain that she caused. 

New Habits Are Positive

Photo by Mikel Parera on Unsplash Do you need to break up your routine or change things up a bit? If the answer is yes then I can highly recommend adopting a new habit. I say this because recently I have started to wake up at 5am every morning and it has become a bit … Continue reading New Habits Are Positive