Children’s Mental Health And Covid-19

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many different ways. Its impact upon how we see and cope with our mental health is both unquestionable and unparalleled. Some groups within society have been affected more than others. Notably children and young people who appear particularly affected. Is this all … Continue reading Children’s Mental Health And Covid-19

No One Is Typing – Restrictions Ending

Although the reopening of the country has been delayed for a few more weeks, we all know that it is coming one day in the future and I’m sure that we’re all feeling some type of way about it.  For some that will mean excitement and planning, for others it will mean anxiety and fear.

Social Anxiety Post Pandemic

Photo by: Tonik/Unsplash Social anxiety is difficult to describe. Cancelling events at the last minute and feeling like your head is out of water.  People think that anxiety is just being nervous, but it goes deeper than that. It’s thinking people are looking at you, feeling like you're an embarrassment to your family and friends … Continue reading Social Anxiety Post Pandemic

Pandemic Paranoia and “Fear Fatigue”: How Much to Worry About the Pandemic?

Photo by: Tonik/Unsplash I’ve been following an account on Twitter for a few weeks now, called “Covid one year ago”. Every day, the account live tweets news about coronavirus— except the tweet is from a year ago to the day. It’s a great way to get perspective about how the pandemic unfolded and to see … Continue reading Pandemic Paranoia and “Fear Fatigue”: How Much to Worry About the Pandemic?

How My Life Has Changed Due To Covid-19

Photo by: Tonik/Unsplash It has already been a year since I received an email from my university saying that the campus would be closing. I was quite concerned about what was happening, nobody knew what was going on, the only information we got was that a virus was killing people. During the first lockdown, it … Continue reading How My Life Has Changed Due To Covid-19