How Do You Recognise Me?

When someone outside of our brains, outside of the people who have close personal relationships with us recognises us with ease, it bursts the complacent BDD bubble.  It is a jarring back to reality that our bodies and faces don’t morph and change regularly, that we do look a certain way all the time.  And there is a twinge of fear at the back of our minds because we don’t know what that certain look is.  We don’t know what we look like, but this person does, and we will never know what they see, what strangers see.  It is extremely depersonalising to be unable to comprehend how we are perceived by others.  How do you recognise me when I can’t recognise myself?  And how is it fair that you know my face better than I do?

Body Image Issues

Photo by: Szabolcs Toth/Unsplash There has been a lot of discussion this week surrounding Khloe Kardashian and her response to the sharing of an unretouched photograph of her body. It has riled up people for a multitude of reasons, but I see her point of view perfectly because it mirrors my own. Let’s break it … Continue reading Body Image Issues

Body Positivity: What is Shaping our Understanding of What is Beautiful?

I was never happy with my body. Pressured by society, I always felt the obligation to put myself into a box full of stereotypes on how a woman needs to look. Maybe it’s because I came from a small country and people here are closed-minded. “I’m too tall, guys don’t like taller girls; I’m too … Continue reading Body Positivity: What is Shaping our Understanding of What is Beautiful?