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Mental Magazine is a UK based; student’s mental health magazine aimed at students from sixth form to university (including mature) students.

Founded by Journalism and Photojournalism graduates from London Metropolitan University in late 2019 by five journalism and photojournalism students in their final year of study at London Metropolitan University as part of an assessment, the passion we felt behind it led us to making it a real business and product.

Mental looks to give an honest take on students’ mental health. Studying can be a daunting prospect alone, but with

the added potential added stress and worries students can encounter, it’s easy to throw in the towel. So that’s where we want to come in and help!

Providing students with a platform to seek advice and content they can relate to, ensuring their voice will not go unheard.


Our mission as a magazine is to support, educate, and encourage people struggling with mental health along with people who maybe don’t properly understand their own mental health issues.


1. To provide readers with a platform to seek advice and relatable content.
2. To support, educate and encourage readers struggling with mental health being. 

3. Educate readers who maybe don’t properly understand their own mental health issues and of those around them.
4. To encourage readers to seek out help if they need it. 

5. To educate readers about misconceptions about student life and mental health. 


1. A successful relaunch of the magazine in August 2020.
2. Getting a dedicated social media manager involved, seeing our social media presence and engagement increase.
3. In the process of setting up collaborations with organisations such as Evolvere.
4. Interviews with people who are ‘high-profile’ such as Olympian David Smith. 


1. To increase content by three-fold as a minimum. With a hope for further increase in Q4.
2. Begin producing a physical/e-edition of a magazine. Will produce one per quarter, with the first edition to be produced for the end of Q2. 
4. Increase our presence on the internet as a whole and improve engagement on social media. 
5. Employ writers to provide content for us.
6. Have discussions with Universities for setting up work experience programs with us for journalism and mental health themed degrees. 
7. Relaunch the website at the end of May 2021.


Aaron Patel – Editor-in-Chief, Press Officer, Privacy Officer,
Emily Wilkinson – Administrator, Sub-Editor.
Filippo Ceccanibbi – Social Media & Marketing Manager.
Holly Allison – Photo Editor and Website Editor. 


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