Schools Should Begin The Conversation

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often surrounds it.  We have mental health awareness months and weeks; we have days dedicated to specific mental health conditions (although you may only be aware of those if you have a personal stake in the condition in question).  This year alone the government pledged £500 million to fund a mental health recovery plan.  So why is it still so difficult to talk about our mental health honestly?

The Importance Of Suicide Prevention

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dge.  We need to talk to schools, workplaces, and communities about suicide, about mental health in general.  It is difficult to have conversations about this topic, it is frightening to tell your own story, even to those who are closest to you, but it is so important.  If it could save even one life, doesn’t that make it worth it?  Let’s keep talking about this.  Let’s keep sharing our stories, our struggles, and our emotions.  Let’s work to remove the stigma and shame surrounding suicide and change the world for the better!

When Reality Slaps You In The Face

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When reality comes along to slap you fellow relentlessly positive people in the face, just remember that it is a blip, a necessary blip.  We are dreamers and as such can get carried away.  We need reality, we need some negativity, we just need to remember to keep it diluted enough that we can cope with it.  A vial skill for us dreamers is to learn how to defend against the inevitable negativity and reality sides of life without killing them.  Find what works for you, and know that this is all temporary, you will be dreaming again soon enough, just as soon as you remember how good it feels with those rose-tinted glasses.

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