The Avoidance Of Mental Health

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If you are unlucky enough to experience life with the same sense of failure as I have every day, then just know that you are not alone.  I think this is a quite common trait for those who suffer from mental ill health.  We know, as rational, intelligent human beings what we need to do to help ourselves in the long run, we also know that those things are not huge, disruptive changes.  We also know, deep down, that our self-sabotage stems from our brain’s need/desire to gain hits of serotonin and dopamine throughout the day to make it through.  So, even though we want to be productive, the video games or Netflix binge are more appealing.  Even though we want to eat the foods that can help our overall health, the chocolate bar, or the crisps we don’t need are too tempting not to eat.  The vicious cycle perpetuates our struggles and prevents us from completing simple tasks to make bigger steps. 

Being Stuck In The Mud Isn’t Fun

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Ultimately, I think that feeling stuck is a natural part of life, we need to feel frustrated with the way our life has turned out until this point in order to make impactful, meaningful changes and end up in a position or situation that makes us much happier and feel a lot more accomplished.  I hope that if you are feeling stuck, at the very least you feel less alone after reading this, and maybe you can find a little peace with where you find yourself currently before taking that next big step.

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