When the personality is not unique

Photo by: Sasha Freemind/Unsplash Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by the alteration of oneself and one's identity and involves the development of two or more different types of envy in a person, whose consciousness presents a discontinuity.  This pathology is chronic and occurs following serious trauma or episodes of strong emotional impact, especially during childhood. … Continue reading When the personality is not unique

My Last Counselling Session

Photo by: Matt Flores/Unsplash Here we go. My last session. Six months of sitting in a waiting room every Monday evening staring at the same plastic plant just like the rest of the waiting room troops. Eye contact is strictly forbidden! Six months of sessions attending as a crunched up slinky and leaving every session … Continue reading My Last Counselling Session

New Year’s Resolutions. Is It Worth It?

Photo by: Tom Mossholder/Unsplash The tradition of making resolutions for the new year has been around for a very long time, and until this day, it has been a common way to set goals for oneself. But is this tradition good for your mental health and is it worth keeping? People started this tradition way … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions. Is It Worth It?

Mental Magazine Christmas Quiz

Test your Christmas knowledge by doing the Mental Magazine Christmas Quiz! Go up against your family and friends and see who gets the best score! Let us know how you did in the comment section below. [os-widget path="/mental-magazine/mental-magazine-christmas-quiz"]