The Media vs The Reality Of Mental Illness

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash Few things are as powerful as the media. The media often reflects the way we think. Years of misinformation has led people to have skewed perception of mental illnesses. Historically inaccurate Schizophrenia has been portrayed in the media as something it is not. The words violent and aggressive have been … Continue reading The Media vs The Reality Of Mental Illness

My Problem With The ‘Body Acceptance’ Movement

So why am I telling you this?  I suppose the point of this article is to actually encourage you lovely readers to check out the body acceptance movement.  On the whole it is wonderful, and while it doesn’t help me to accept my body, that is because of deep seated issues that I have to work through myself, and not the fault of the movement.  There are many body acceptance accounts that share wonderful content and it is always refreshing to see unedited images.  You may not gain the confidence to dance on the internet in your pants, but normalising diverse body shapes can’t be a bad thing right?

My Long-Awaited Return To The Cinema

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash I’m an Atheist. But if there is a God. I know the reason they put me on this Earth was to watch Space Jam 2 at the cinema. Most of my time in the last year has been spent moaning about not going to the cinema. The windows where … Continue reading My Long-Awaited Return To The Cinema

The National Shame Of Love Island

nstoppable train that is Love Island worries me most because, to me, it means one of two things.  Either the progress we have apparently made as a society in reducing the stigma around mental health and improving attitudes is all fake and is nothing more than a trend for people to get more likes and clout on the internet and no one really wants to fight for genuine change.  Or protecting people’s mental health, preserving someone’s life, is simply not as important to people as some low-rate evening entertainment.

Meghan Shocks The World With The S Word Can This Help Break The Stigma

Graphic by: Eleonora Girotto. Photo by: Genevieve/Flickr On a Tuesday morning stroll around the park, you’d normally listen to the laughter of small children playing and the birdsongs painting the fresh air around you. Occasionally, one dog would bark to catch its owner’s attention.  But this Tuesday it was a tune: the only sound that … Continue reading Meghan Shocks The World With The S Word Can This Help Break The Stigma