The Emotional Range Of Graduations

If you are about to graduate for the first time I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that it is going to be an emotional time.  However, beyond the expected emotions of this type of event, it can often throw up some unexpected and difficult feelings too.

Navigating University And Social Life

We all have a certain image in our heads of what university is going to be like.  We imagine lots of hard work, but lots of living!  Parties, drinking, and lifelong friendships.  But what happens if reality doesn’t live up to the Social life fantasy?

Mental Health Is More Important Than University

I suppose my final points would be, be kind to people, you don’t know what they might be dealing with, what they have had to leave behind, or what they have escaped from.  It costs nothing to be kind.  Most of all though, know that there is no shame in taking a break, or even dropping out entirely if that is what is best for your mental health.  It doesn’t mean you are a failure; it doesn’t mean that you have no future; it means that you are prioritising your health and wellbeing; it means that you will not become another statistic; it means that you have your entire life ahead of you.

What To Take And Not Take To University

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash When you go to university, there are always concerns about what you should be taking. What items do you really need to take? And what can you leave at home? What to take: Weather appropriate clothes You are going to spend an entire year in your university flat, and … Continue reading What To Take And Not Take To University

Ready To Prioritize Mental Health?

When you hear the words mental health, what do you think of? Do you visualize walking through nature or taking a long bath? Do terms such as mindfulness and self-care come to mind?  Maybe you view mental health as a superfluous, taboo topic. Now think about your mental health. What does your mental health mean … Continue reading Ready To Prioritize Mental Health?