Apply For Student Finance Now!

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash Students looking to begin or continue their studies in September 2022 are being encouraged to apply for student finance now. Students in the UK are able to apply for a Tuition Fee loan to cover their tuition, alongside a maintenance loan to cover their day-to-day lives. With 1.5million students … Continue reading Apply For Student Finance Now!

Introducing The Amazing Arabella!

Mental health and wellbeing advocate Amazing Arabella. As per our huge announcement last month, the Amazing Arabella will be joining Mental Magazine! She will be writing a monthly column for us, talking all about mental health and wellbeing. So we thought this would be great opportunity to introduce Arabella to you all, the wonderful readers … Continue reading Introducing The Amazing Arabella!

Down Eight and Up Nine: An Ode to Strength

Photo by: Frank Busch/Unsplash Article written by Lucy O’Farrelly We are told that if we are knocked down eight times, we must get up nine times. This is strength in its most quantitative form. It is easy enough to visualise: strength is having one more try, another shot in the dark, simply carrying on once … Continue reading Down Eight and Up Nine: An Ode to Strength

8 Years On After My Suicide Attempt

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash This isn't going to be a piece of writing just to say "life got better, it was a mistake". That would be untrue. Life isn't that simple. *POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING* July 2013. I had it all decided. I was going to kill myself. I picked out a day, … Continue reading 8 Years On After My Suicide Attempt

To Take Or Not To Take

Photo by Nik Shuliahin/Unsplash Medication - a true leap of faith to see if they work, along with openly talking to the doctor about it.  It's hard and overwhelming to discuss mental health issues at the best of times and these feelings can escalate more if you are unsure about approaching the topics that cause … Continue reading To Take Or Not To Take