The Expectation And Ambition Balancing Act

The girl who was once so focused on getting all A – C grades now lusts for a life full of adventure, colour, sound, and who wants to run, screaming, from the prospect of working in a dreary, poorly ventilated office.  The balance of old expectations and new ambitions and goals is not an easy one, but something the goody-goody and the garden fairy can agree on, is that it will be worth it in the end.

That Bump In The Road Could Be Your Springboard

Not getting this job could be the best thing that happens to me, as long as I capitalise on the feelings and emotions it has left me with.  My head is swimming with creativity and sometimes we just have to let it out.  so, my advice to you is, jump on those setbacks, those bumps in the road.  Embrace them for everything they truly are: a chance to make your life as extraordinary as it was always meant to be.

Struggling Activist And Feeling Helpless

if you are struggling with your mental health, please try to let go of any guilt that you feel for not involving yourself in activism you care about.  You should be your main priority when you are struggling or when you are sick.  You cannot help anyone else if you are not looking after yourself, it is never too late to start so you can take your time.   And to those who watch from the outside, who see a lazy, uncaring, unempathetic person, it isn’t as simple as that.  People who you would expect to care may also be working through some heavy stuff, and it may be time to practice some compassion.

Lasting Effects of Bullying

I will never forget her because of the things she did, small things, but things that have had a huge effect on my life and the relationships I have been able to form with people.  While she moves through life apparently totally unaware of the heartache and pain that she caused. 

Wrong Turns

So, sometimes a wrong turn can be a good thing, it can lead to adventure and learning new things, and all of this is more likely to happen if you are taking the best people along with you for the ride.  life is much like a road trip, sometimes the wrong turns and unexpected detours lead to the best memories. If you focus too far in front of you, you won't see the shiny thing out the corner of your eye. Right?