Children With Undiagnosed Mental Health Within The UK’s Education System

Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash According to NHS statistics released last year, one in six 6 to 19-year-olds were suffering from probable mental health disorders in 2021. It is also reported that one in six of 17 - 19-year-olds were suffering from mental health disorders.  What happens to those children without a diagnosis? Children’s Mental … Continue reading Children With Undiagnosed Mental Health Within The UK’s Education System

My Top Tips For Dealing With High Functioning Anxiety

r those who struggle with high functioning anxiety, the symptoms can be more along the lines of trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, issues with over-thinking, perfectionism, and people-pleasing.  If this sounds like you, here are my top tips for handling life with high functioning anxiety.

The Emotional Range Of Graduations

If you are about to graduate for the first time I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that it is going to be an emotional time.  However, beyond the expected emotions of this type of event, it can often throw up some unexpected and difficult feelings too.

Navigating University And Social Life

We all have a certain image in our heads of what university is going to be like.  We imagine lots of hard work, but lots of living!  Parties, drinking, and lifelong friendships.  But what happens if reality doesn’t live up to the Social life fantasy?

Clinging On To Good Mental Health

For those of you who struggle with your mental health, you know that it is not always constant doom and gloom or stress.  There are times when things seem clearer and there is a glimmer of hope in our periphery.  So why don’t these periods feel like the break we deserve?