Depression And Navigating Relationships

Relationships can be hard enough to navigate at the best of times, particularly when you are young. Finding the right combination of boundaries and goals is an almost lifelong task. But what happens when you add depression to the mix? Well, things start to get a lot more complicated.

The Ultimate Guide To Surviving The Uni Job You Hate

Photo by Vojtech Okenka on Part of the university experience for a lot of students is getting a part-time job. Most of the time these are retail or hospitality jobs that are unappealing at the best of times. While it’s important to remember just how crucial these jobs are at forming your work ethic and boosting … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Surviving The Uni Job You Hate

Kicking Your Depressed Brain Into Holiday Mode, A Free Hack?

So, as the world continues to open up, don’t let your thoughts, your brain, derail the plans you have made.  It is okay to analyse your thoughts, to question the motivation of your brain.  Soak up the experiences and go with the flow.

A Degree Will Not Fix Your Problems

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash This is an open letter to university students. Particularly to those studying psychology or mental health. I have a feeling that our motivations are similar and as someone who has been through it twice, I’d like to offer some advice. A Degree Will Not Fix Your Problems Firstly, thank you … Continue reading A Degree Will Not Fix Your Problems

Social Media Mindfulness Can Only Go So Far

What we need to change is the idea that social media awareness posts and motivational, positive content are an adequate answer to our increasing mental health crisis.  We need to look past the smoke screen and lobby our local and national government to push for properly funded mental health services in our country.