Writing poems really helps as a coping skill. I'd happily suggest it to anyone, even if they've never done it before.

Dealing with grief Before the pandemic, my life was going almost perfect. Switching between Work and home with negligible complaints and regrets

waterfalls on cliff near trees at daytime

Watching the film as a child I always loved the way that Pocahontas’ hair would blow in the wind, the way she would leap from the top of waterfalls with such carefree abandon, the ease with which she would skip through the forest and up the trees.  I dreamed of visiting places with clear waterfalls and thick ancient forests when I grew up.  I would run through the fields and woods where I lived pretending that I was Pocahontas, I would talk to the animals that I would encounter, and I would long to explore the world outside of my little village.

Have you ever considered things we consume can affect our wellbeing? Well, for me it is coffee and sugar. They have a

white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a planner

may be doing our laundry, cooking, and managing roommate relationships alone for the first time in our lives.  The learning curve is steep and often we make it steeper for ourselves.

When you realise you might be trans Calm down. The world isn’t ending. You’re going to be okay. Think about what pronouns