What Is Mental Magazine?

Founded by Journalism and Photojournalism graduates from London Metropolitan University in late 2019, Mental Magazine gives an honest take on student mental health.

Studying can be a daunting prospect, but with the potential added stress and worries students can encounter, it’s easy to throw in the towel. So that’s where we want to come in and help!

We want to provide students with a platform to seek advice and content which they can relate to; no voice should ever go unheard. Our mission as a magazine is to support, educate and encourage people struggling with mental health along with people who maybe don’t properly understand their own mental health issues.

Aaron Patel

Editor, Press Officer.

Hey! My name is Aaron Patel and I am the editor of Mental Magazine.

 I enjoy dedicating my time to fitness, playing football, and listening to southern gothic music to find my headspace and relax!

Emily Wilkinson


Sub-Editor, Administrator

Hi, I’m Emily, the sub-editor here at Mental. At Mental, we aim to support and encourage free speech about mental health and wellbeing.

With my personal experiences and my passion for this cause, I hope this magazine is an outlet for people to reach out to and inspire them. Be kind, always.

Filippo Ceccanibbi

Content Creator, Social Media Manager

Born and raised in the Tuscan countryside, I moved to Portugal when I was nineteen.

I discovered my passion for photography there and decided to move to London to pursue a Photojournalism degree.

My main interests are street, documentary and recently discovered news photography.

Holly Allison 

Photo Editor, Website Editor

I’m Holly. My passion for photography has helped me overcome my personal difficulties with mental health and Aspergers.

My part in Mental is to organise multimedia and design for the website and print magazine.