Staying on Track

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Staying on Track

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With the new term just around the corner, here is some advice on how to make sure assignments and reading are done on time. With practice staying on track can be easier than you think.

Within University life, reading and assignments have long been associated with stress. Students have to deal, not only with doing them to the best of there ability but also getting them in on time. This adds even more pressure and can often lead to difficulties developing.

While there is no one size fit all when it comes to dealing with assignments and reading. They are however, many ways to cope. Here are my top six ways of confronting one of university’s biggest challenges.

Take regular breaks to stay on track

Spending hours and hours on assignments can make them so much harder. If you can’t think straight how can you do your best? To accomplish the task in hand and stay on track, take regular breaks. Relax your mind and give it a few minutes to clear. Then continue your assignments or reading for as long as your mind is able to retain that clarity. As soon as stress start creeping in again, its time to take another break.

Have a designated fun time

Having time away from your study and connecting with other people is essential to keeping things together. Whether its a trip to the pub or just hanging with your friends. This can be a real ‘spirit lifter’. Making ‘friends for life’ is sometime uni is famous for, so why not make the most of it?

Finding the time for a social life will benefit in the long run. Having your social life as a designated time away from your hard work will also make your mental well-being so much the better. These days socialising, seeing you friends is all about well-being and mental health which is key to success when it comes to completing assignments and staying on track.

So take some time for fun!

Make a plan

Having a plan to follow can certainly make a difference. Principally by putting in place what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and by when. This includes planning time spent revising, getting assignments ready on time ’ and what to do if things start to slip’. As well as research time in the library.

Having a designated study area can make a massive difference. So can having everything together long before an assignment is due.

With a busy university life be ready well in advance. Having a great plan really has its advantages.

Take time out to practice as practice make prefect

If you have got a reading assignment it is made much easier if you know exactly what to do. This may include, learning what reading assignments entail, finding resources, learning how to take notes effectively and making sure you create an action plan.

The skill of being prepared long before completing the task can be perfected with practice. Reading with the intention of success is something that time and time again has proved both effective and successful. Keep on asking yourself key questions like:’What does each question require?’ or ‘How can I improve?’ And ‘What am I missing?’

Practice will make perfect and with it, getting your assignment on track will be all the easier. One thing to remember is to focus on the end goal of passing with flying colours. Never forget ’success is within your grasp’, You just have to reach out and take it!

Practice how to relax and be mindful

How to relax when half way though a difficult assignment can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths. You can also practice mindfulness techniques like meditation and visualisation.

Mindfulness will improve concentration and mental ability which are likely beneficial in gaining higher grades. Relaxation should be a key part of your university life, whether you postgraduate or undergraduate. The ability to relax properly can have a dramatic impact on mental well-being. University is stressful, so finding that balance between working and relaxing is all the more important.

Ask for help when things become to much

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Talk to your tutor, university counselors, friends or even family members. They can all potentially help in dealing with the anxiety or stress of a particularly difficult assignment or reading task. Simply talking to someone can make a real difference. Many university have counselors, who are specifically trained to support specific student issues such as heavy work loads. Often working together they will help you come up with a strategy to be able cope a little easier and stay on track.

So don’t be afraid to ask for help. The stigma concerning mental health and mental well-being is now a normal part of university life. More often than not you will be safe in the knowledge of finding a successful solution that works for you. And thus all ready for staying on track and making sure all assignments and reading are done on time!

Hope this advice helps.

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