Special Report – The Mental Health Blog Awards 2022

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Mental Health Blog Awards

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In this special we join our special reporter behind the scenes at the Mental Health Blog Awards 2022. Where Mental Magazine’s very own editor Aaron Patel was nominated for ‘Creative of the Year’ 

The Mental Health Blog Awards 2022

This year’s event took place online on Saturday 16th July between 1pm and 4pm (BST). It was attended by around 20 people including nominees and guests. The event itself was really original. Rather than being just your typical award presentation affair it actually consisted of a series of seminars and workshops. These focus on a range of topics from ‘The Importance of Mental Health Routines’ to ‘tips for coping with ‘high levels of anxiety’ with Sam (https://www.mummyconqueringanxiety.com) to looking at issues around body perception in a seminar from Tommy (https://tommyhatto.com) entitled The Pursuit of Perfection. This was followed by a talk from Daragh (https://thoughtstoobig.ie) on the importance of mental health routines and Steph (www.divamumsteph.com) highlighting the little talked about topic of Maternal Mental Illness and recovery, which was really insightful.

All were excellent. Lead by people who are so passionate and committed to the topic of mental health. For this reporter, my favourite was the session on ‘How to get your blog featured in the press and make noise with your campaign’ led by Sophie (https://www.mamamei.co.uk), the session provided some amazing insights. There was plenty there, which I will be taking back to the office. 

The Mental Health Blog Awards 2022 – The Ceremony

The actual ceremony for the Mental Health Blog Awards 2022 took place right at the end of the day, for maybe the last twenty minutes or half an hour. I for one really liked this format. Whilst yes, it did really celebrate and recognise all the amazing things the well deserved winners have done over the year. Which was great and done in a really heartfelt and profound way. But more than that, the event really focused on and  celebrated all those people who are working really hard on raising awareness and championing mental health. For me, that is so important.

In addition it did a brilliant job in sharing some powerful messages with all those in attendance. Overall I felt the event was really good, very well organised and well thought out. I was very happy I was able to make it and will certainly be joining next year if I am able. 

So back to the awards. I was really humbled to hear from both nominees and winners alike. Again they are all doing some amazing things when it comes to mental health. I also felt proud of the magazine doing its bit too. 

So how did Aaron get on…..

Unfortunately he did not win. But that is ok. Simply being nominated by this prestigious awards body is in itself amazing. Thank you Aaron for all the great work you continue to do. With the momentum behind the magazine growing each and every day, the next year is set to be brilliant. 

I won’t go into all the details here but if you would like to take a look, and I can highly recommend that you do! A full list of the well deserved winners can be found on the The Mental Health Blog Awards 2022 website (https://www.mhblogawards.com/). The nominees can be found there too. There are some amazing resources there to be found and accessed there. 

A great event 

The event was also a great opportunity to meet and chat with truly inspirational people. Not only did I get so much out of the seminars and workshops but also chatting to other attendees. I met some really great people who I will definitely be staying in touch with. The whole thing was really interactive and the time just seemed to fly by. All in all I had a fantastic day. Thank you to the organisers and everyone involved. I certainly can’t wait for next year.

And just a final note. Though not everyone walked away with an award, as far as this reporter is concerned everyone in attendance at the event is a winner.   

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