Anxiety And Depression: Different But The Same

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Anxiety And Depression: Different But The Same

As I wrote in other articles, for most of my life I didn’t know I had mental health issues. I found out I had anxiety long before I realized I had gone through depressive states as well. 

When I look back at my early years I recount those particular moments, thoughts and choices that were severely mangled by both of these conditions.

However, they are different. In my case, depression has told me many times that a goal isn’t worthy of being pursued, that I am not good enough or in the worst of it, I am just too numb to fight for anything. I use the word fight because everyone who has gone through this knows it is a daily condition, sometimes manageable, sometimes not.

Anxiety to me has always been about what comes next. The phone rings, what could it be? Who wants what? Or, I have something to do or somewhere to be perhaps tomorrow next week. All these “what if “scenarios rush in and they take a huge toll.

And yet despite their differences, depression and anxiety have been in my life for a long time and they have impaired me. However, I am not them. I have seen my personality when these issues are not there.

That is also the advice I can give or suggestion I can offer. The reframing of these perspectives helps to understand that we aren’t our mental issues. We, through various mechanisms, from therapy to forest walking, can discover more about ourselves and perhaps even like who we are.

I leave you with one last idea. When your inner voice is telling you that you can’t do something or that your next task is too big, it is not your voice. It is the old self-sabotage playing its song.

Your inner voice is cheerful, happy and eager to try something new. That is who we really are when fear isn’t there. Remember how good it feels when you try something new and it works. That feeling is amazing.

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