Letting Go And Moving On

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Letting go and moving on. When is it time to move on or let go of the anxieties that prevent us from a plentiful life?

Letting Go And Moving On

Whenever we can. That would be the most honest answer I could give. Living with anxiety for as long as I have, I don’t think that it will go away. But I may develop more and better skills to keep it at bay.

I know I already have made progress. When I look back and remember the crippling effect it had on me and how many of my choices were so influenced by fear driven anxiety, I now make better choices and my life is so much better.

So when it comes to anxiety I don’t think you move on like you would from a bad relationship or a job you no longer want. Anxiety isn’t something you just move on.

You do, however, reach a time in your life when a trigger no longer has the same effect. As a result, you can enjoy positive moments and collect memories that can be a catalyst for a life of joy and fulfilment.

That is why I say, whenever we can. Those moments are magical. To me, they bring a feeling of accomplishment and stillness that I try to savour and treasure as much as I can.

When my anxiety sets in,  the energy from those magical moments wears off and I seem to lose the memory of them because the negative force that my anxious self creates is so big that I lose sight of how far I have come.

This is the nature of anxiety, you don’t move on from it, you just find ways for it not to control and dictate your choices.

This issue should actually be seen from the opposite perspective. You don’t know how to move on, you just wake up one day and the grip isn’t there anymore.

You have moved forward and you were able to let go. Why? Because you kept at it. You know this is not straightforward. You fall and you get up again.

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