How Important Are You To Yourself?

brown wooden dresser with mirror inside white room
Photo by Alex Lopez on Unsplash

Mental issues are part of many people’s lives, it certainly is in mine. As one goes through it, we develop an awareness of what they look like and when they are just about to throw us a curveball.

Either through therapy or self-discovery we encounter coping mechanisms. Sometimes they work, other times not. I have never encountered anything that works all the time.

Recently though I came up with an idea that at times seems to boost my self-esteem. Instead of letting my dreadful feeling of anxiety creep in, by way of not knowing what is going to happen, I ask myself, how important am I?

I let it sit for a moment in my mind and suddenly my answer is, “Are you kidding? I am extremely important.” Almost immediately I get a feeling of relevance and self-worth that tells me that whatever happens doesn’t matter. What people may think or say is not important because I am the most important person, thing or thought there is.

If you think about this: the reverse result of this narrative comes from the same place albeit without our consciousness. When we think something else matters above our calm self, or what someone thinks is more important than what we think about ourselves, it is still us choosing it. We may say that the Other matters, but we are the ones who have decided that.

Once we leave that self-destruction strain of ideas and replace it with “I am very important” it changes something inside. It changes me. I no longer fear an outcome, I think, “if someone has something to teach me, so be it.” If not, then who cares anyway?

It is with myself that live in. I am the one who goes home every day and gets up the next morning.  I deserve to be treated well and fair. Maybe I can start doing that to the person in the mirror every day.

How about you? What happens when you start believing you are important?

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