Holding Onto Your Dreams And Never Letting Go

Sometimes the only things we have in our life is our dreams. For most of us these keep us going.

Holding Onto Your Dreams

For some people, including myself, dreams are powerful enough to keep us going. Especially during the bad times.

My childhood dream of becoming a journalist soon became my saviour. The world can be a cruel place made even crueller by people around us. In the end, it’s our dreams and holding onto them that become our way of survival.

The dream of becoming a journalist kept me going. It gave me courage during uncertain periods in my life. Mental illness made my life hell. It wasn’t deemed realistic for someone to do any thing such as going to university. My dream may not be complete or totally fulfilled, but it keeps me going.

So my message is simple: hold onto your dreams, no matter how far fetch they might seem.

“The only thing that will stop you fulfilling your dream is you.” – Tom Bradley.

During the bad times, always remember those dreams and how they can carry you forward. The reality being what you want and not others believe is possible. My world is more manageable due to my lifelong dream.

You can achieve the reality of it all by simply following your dreams and never giving up.

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