Introducing The Amazing Arabella!

Mental health and wellbeing advocate Amazing Arabella.

As per our huge announcement last month, the Amazing Arabella will be joining Mental Magazine! She will be writing a monthly column for us, talking all about mental health and wellbeing. So we thought this would be great opportunity to introduce Arabella to you all, the wonderful readers of Mental Magazine.

Explain who you are and what you currently do to advocate for mental health?

My name is Lady Arabella AKA Amazing Arabella – Mental health is such an important subject that gets overlooked a lot of the time. Supporting each other is highly important. I support charities that advocate for mental health and offer advice posts on my social media platforms. Mental health translates to the state of our minds.

When did your passion to advocate for better wellbeing start?

From a young age, you notice situations and what other people go through. One of my friends at school had autism, I would help him throughout the day. We had lots of fun and its important to generate happiness where you can. It was from this that I realized that even smiling at someone or saying one nice thing can make someone’s day better.

Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, how major has the change been for wellbeing in general?

Covid was very difficult for people all over the world. Throughout the lockdown period, I had so many dm’s from young people asking for advice and telling me what they were going through. Some were quite hard to read , it’s not nice when you hear bad situations that children are going through. Of course, I couldn’t give them any professional advice, this is why it’s so important that we all play our part to put in place mental health solutions for young people everywhere.

Do you think there is enough awareness out there for the younger demographic such as teenagers and children?

There are many resources out there, but a lot of the time young people don’t really know how and where to access them. A lot of the campaigns that are pushed out are great and target the younger demographic. So that helps but it is really about making it readily available so young people can access directly. Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok should make such advice and help accessible on their platforms.

How can we positively impact and spread awareness on social media? We know it can be a difficult platform to navigate!

Yes, it can, however, young people are definitely in the know and keep themselves very up to date with how to use it. This is why it’s so powerful and as a mental health advocate and a creator we can all use our platforms for the greater good. It’s important to take some time to give something back. Another thing is to clean up your feed, social media does impact differently and you should only follow accounts that uplift you and make you happy. There is no sense in following toxic accounts.

Why Mental Magazine?

Well, it’s quite simple, if it’s helping and supporting people towards a better state of mental health then I’m all for it! Like I said so many people can benefit from mental health education and magazines and accounts like Mental Magazine. It’s so cool to see positive and uplifting posts and then also see posts that educate you, and of course, you guys are so lovely 🙂

Finally, what can the readers of Mental expect from you?

I am on a mission to help everyone out there who reads the magazine to be more positive, smile more and also address some real issues around how young people are feeling. Also, how they can improve their mind, body, and soul! Feeling good and laughing is contagious, so I want to really get that vibe out there and make more people smile! It’s important that we do something our future self will thank us for. Stay blessed and be happy whenever you can!

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