Navigating University And Social Life

We all have a certain image in our heads of what university is going to be like. We imagine lots of hard work, but lots of living! Parties, drinking, and lifelong friendships. But what happens if reality doesn’t live up to the Social life fantasy?

Here we are at just about the halfway point of the academic year. If you are a first-year student, hopefully, you’ve settled into your accommodation well and have some good roommates. If you are a returning student, hopefully your workload isn’t too difficult! Aside from your studies, assignments, essays, and homework, the main thing occupying your headspace is probably friendships. 

This article is specifically geared to those of you who may be feeling a little underwhelmed by your social life. After all, they say write what you know! So, if you had images of an enhanced, thriving social life post-college, or dreams of a brand new you at university that haven’t quite materialised, keep reading.

Quality Over Quantity

First of all, let me emphasise the fact that friendships truly are quality over quantity.  That is to say, you could be friends with everyone at university and still feel lonely. I do acknowledge that it is no real comfort to read that and it doesn’t do much to make you feel better. It still felt important to say though.

In all honesty, if you are the sort of person who struggles to make and maintain genuine connections, that is something that is probably not going to change. That’s no reason to feel bad or to give up hope of making friends, quite the contrary in fact.  When you struggle to form those genuine, strong connections, it makes it all the more important to hold on to the ones you do make. 

Tips For A Genuine Social Life.

A small, intimate, close-knit circle of friends might not be what you dreamed your university experience would involve, but it could be the thing to help get you through. 

Just remember:

  • forced friendships are never as fulfilling as true friendships and will not make you feel any better. 
  • You do not, and should not, have to change anything about yourself to fit in with people. The version of you right now is the best version there has been, if someone else can’t see that, then they don’t deserve you.
  • You are a wonderful, kind, thoughtful person. You will find your people. It may take a little longer than you’d hoped, but when it happens, it will feel so special, and so worth it!

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