That Troublemaker Essay And How To Defeat It

person writing bucket list on book
person writing bucket list on book
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Sometimes during our time in education we experience failure. Failing an exam or assignment can lead to creating negative thoughts and maintaining a negative mentality. In this article, you will be provided with some tips on how to be more successful for exams and assignments.

Tip #1

Take the time to read properly and understand what the assignment is asking you to do. If you are having difficulties understanding the task, ask a classmate for help or email your tutor, they are more than willing to help you! 

Tip #2

Create a plan that will help you develop your assignment, this will help you step by step. Furthermore, this will help you to know exactly how to conduct your research and keep on top of everything. 

Tip #3

Begin to conduct your research. Leave plenty of time to do your research! You need to make sure you leave enough time for writing the essay itself!

Tip #4

Read the materials you have researched properly and take some notes. Make your own idea, ask yourself if you agree with the topic or not. Of course, an essay will not be about your idea, but as long as you have a clear argument then writing the essay will be easier. 

Tip #5

After you have done your research and understand what you are talking about, it’s time to start writing. First, just write! Then as you continue to progress through the essay look to make amendments. 

Believe and you’ll succeed

You can then follow that up by making a tutorial appointment with your tutor. At that appointment, take note of what your lecturer advises to you to do and then after the meeting, make the necessary adjustments. 

These are some of my advice about how to succeed in your future exams. In any case, do not be afraid too much if you have not passed an exam, sometimes it happens, the best is to do better the next. 

In my first year I failed my first assignment, it was the only one but It was frustrating. However, by creating this plan I have been successful ever since with all other essays. 

Believe in yourself and your ability because you will succeed.

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