Don’t Stop Now, Keep Going!

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

You are currently at a vital point in your lives. This period will be career defining, it will shape your life. But it has come with the added challenge of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, tough times persist but we want you all to keep going! You have come this far…

Fight the good fight in moderation

This generation of students will be remembered forever. In my opinion, they are not commemorated enough for their patience. The life of a student is never easy, even in a pre-pandemic world. But with covid-19 in our lives, it threw an unexpected barrier. A barrier we have not gotten over yet.

Some of you might think you have not been strong enough. But I must emphasize: you are one of a kind. The will and desire to keep working and not let the circumstances ruin your determination is commendable. The ideal life of a student is one full of fun and memories, which sadly have been stripped from you.

Despite staying strong and having the will to keep fighting, I must stress that you have to do so in moderation. What do I mean by that? Do not overwork yourself, rest is vital. Find the time to relax and shut-off for a while, we all need that. Especially students, life can be like clockwork when you’re going through your academic journey.

Pick each other up!

Part of getting through this period has been looking out for one another. Of course, you have to keep yourself in check, but it is so important to check on those around you. Don’t struggle alone and don’t leave anyone behind.

We often find our way out of tough scenarios with support. This time is no different, so please do all you can to help those around you and offer support. A simple conversation can make someone’s day.

Don’t forget that we are here to support you all too! From now until the end of the academic year, expect loads of content. Tips and advice provided by our talented team of writers. But for now, look after yourselves, wear your masks, get vaccinated, and stay safe.

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