Covid-19 Pandemic And Wellbeing Fatigue

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

Over the past couple of years there has been a boom in health fads and new lifestyle initiatives. The covid-19 pandemic has ushered in so many different approaches to boosting our wellness, it feels totally overwhelming sometimes. Is it all too much? Are people out there just cashing in on a global health crisis or are their intentions truly altruistic? How do we make sense of it all?

Over the last two years I have tried a lot of different things, all claiming to do wonders for my wellness. These have included different types of meditation and breathing techniques, diets, exercise regimes, waking up extremely early and even freezing cold showers. As you can imagine some have lasted longer than others?

Changing life for the better?

All of them are, inevitably from the internet. Usually in the form of a video posted on YouTube or social media. And always with the claim, that by following them, your life will be changed exponentially for the better.

Have any of them had a lasting impact on my well being? the simple answer is I just don’t know? Did I do them only because of covid? Probably! And here is the problem. Whereas a lot of people out there are genuinely trying to help out and make a difference, I suspect others are simply trying to make a fast buck. I have been lulled down a path only to walk into the inevitable pay wall or paid promotion, many times. And far more insidious is unwittingly signing away all my data a quick click of the mouse.

Desperate times and desperate people

Why? Because I and many people like me are a bit desperate. When things are tough and scary we often want that quick fix. We want someone to come along and tell everything is going to be alright. That is why it is so easy to try all these different fads out. And why, when we don’t get exactly what we are after we move on to the next one. It is no wonder we may be feeling the onset of fatigue.

Each week, it seems new claims and fads appear . When so many are endorsed by people who we may either trust or admire, it is so easy to get caught up. Getting hold of reliable evidence that shows how effective or beneficial these things are is difficult. Some of the people doing the promoting can be very persuasive. Almost a little too persuasive sometimes, I sometimes think.

Over and over

At times it feels like an endless rigmarole. And can get to a point where you don’t know where to turn. While many of these initiatives claim to boost our wellness, I sometimes wonder what effect they are having on our mental health. I say this from the perspective of someone who has struggled with mental health issues. Who, during the pandemic has really had to proactively manage anxiety to keep it under control.  

I shouldn’t be worrying about doing the latest health craze or feeling bad that unlike friends or people on social media, something hasn’t made my life a zillion times better. What works for me is where I should focus. Things that I can stick at and make sustainable are key here.

That, If I don’t do them when I am supposed to I don’t beat myself up. Also it’s the things that have a proven benefit to my health, that need to be prioritised. Fair easier said than done, I know. But in the long run I bet I will save a lot of time and energy not running from one fad to another. 

Keeping it simple

So what am I talking about here? in my case, I am thinking simple things like eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, some simple meditation, regular exercise that is not too strenuous or complicated. And most importantly talking about how I am feeling to someone I know who cares. Nothing sexy or fancy here I know. However these are things I know I can do day in and day out. They are tried and tested things I know work for me. You, will of course have your own list of things. The question is…..

Is it time to stop trying so many different things and getting back to basics?

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