The Mixed Emotions Of Being Sectioned

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So what’s so wrong about being sectioned? Why am I so angry? Well my experience being sectioned was distressing. My first experience was 34 years ago. I was detained for the reason I was considered a danger to myself and to others.

A Experience Gone Terribly Wrong

Admittedly I’ve done some odd things due to various delusional ideas. My doctors had decided this was the only place for me. This is where my nightmare of a life began. Many years in and out of a psychiatric hospital. Those experiences left me feeling angry.

My teenage years were missed because of these experiences. I essentially missed out on the fun years of my life. Furthermore, my family were constantly living under pressure and worry. It simply was not fair.

No, not everyone who has been sectioned have the same views as me. There are many success stories out there. Many sufferers of mental illness have a positive view of being sectioned.

From My Side of Things

Looking at my side of the argument you could be forgiven to assume that all my hospital admission’s have been bad. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the kindness of some occupational therapists, doctors and nurses. I am just saying they are few and far between.

Remember this was a long time ago and I realise that many people will understand where I am coming from and why I am so angry and upset by the way I was failed by the mental health system which was their to protect me.

Time and time again I was put into hospital then discharged with little help or understanding. In fact I would have been so unwell if I hadn’t been treated so badly.

Being angry doesn’t come close to how I feel about my wasted youth. My time in hospital felt like an eternity, while the rest of the world continued spinning.

Thankfully I came out with a smile on my face. My message to anyone going through the same experience: keep going and do not lose sight of the light.

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