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Editor’s Letter – January 2022

Photo By: Richie Hancox

Editor’s Letter – January 2022

Hello there!

It’s the first Editor’s Letter of 2022, how time flies!

Hope everyone enjoyed the festive period, I also hope you are all ready for another year! However, it appears as if more challenges appear to be on the horizon. We have to keep doing our part of put up a fight against Covid-19. Wear your masks, wash your hands, get your vaccines, and check up on your loved ones.

So the big question: what can you expect from Mental Magazine in 2022? We want to make this year the biggest and best yet! The wonderful core team and writers have set a fantastic foundation to this publication since its official launch in August 2020. However, we haven’t got started yet…

We have a lot of exciting plans currently being worked on behind the scenes, but that’s all I’ll say at this point. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support, it has kept us going and motivated us to not give up on a dream. But more importantly, we want to continue to educate, inform, and provide advice for those in need.

No matter what year it is, we cannot underestimate the importance of mental health and wellbeing. We as human beings must remember that we have to look out for ourselves, as well as others. Keep a check on your mental health and take some time out if you have to.

Furthermore, as the second semester of the academic year begins we wish you, the hardworking students all the best! Don’t worry, there will be plenty of content catered to you guys before the year is done!

Finally, once again, please take care of yourselves! We continue to live through worrying time, so do all you can to battle this pandemic. While it might seem like a while off, better and brighter days are ahead.



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