Usual Intrusive Thoughts

Living with anxiety has many consequences and depending on the severity, it becomes quite difficult to measure which ones are more hazardous. It really changes from person to person.

However, severity aside, the commonalities are still there and they are extremely important when a person needs to open up their own personal can of mental worms.

Among these commonalities is the usual intrusive thoughts program that people face every day.

These thoughts are made of words, but more so, the negative energy behind such words. A typical sentence is “I am not good enough”. It is a sentence that connects to many situations such as relationships, jobs and good things that we would want to have in our lives.

However, are we really not that good? To what measure are we comparing ourselves? Furthermore, who’s voice is this?

When I am able to observe my thought production out of the factory of thought immensity, I can see that the habit of self-doubt and fear. It is often my first response to anything coming my way.

In therapy, it is called the poison parrot that keeps saying the same thing over and over like an internal alarm system that is out of sync. It is our anxiety tricking us into believing and recreating the old narrative in which we find ourselves regularly.

The most important aspect of this issue is to remind us that we are not our anxieties. We are people. We are trauma survivors and we carry the scars of our ordeals.

With that in mind it becomes simpler to observe our thoughts and let them come and go and keep telling our parrots that we are ok, we have overcome a lot already and we can do this, being alive stuff.

If you are a trauma survivor and you don’t know this, let me tell you, you are not a victim, you are mental health battle veteran. A chronic fighter. You are allowed to feel, cry, fall down and pick yourself up again and ask for help.

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