Dissertation – Self Doubt At A Vital Time

Photo Credit: Tim Gouw by Unsplash

When you stop and think, often begins that state in which you do not see a way out. You start living with paranoia and it affects your life. 

College has just started and being in your senior year, not having a clue what your strength of the year is going to be, sometimes, can be shattering.

Very simple things like your dissertation could change all the plans you have for your future. It can create a state of anxiety and psychological discomfort. You decide that you would like to finish your studies like this, because you do not see, or rather, you do not find the motivation for the rest of your course.

The thesis should be something that makes you shine as a student but sometimes turns you off. When you keep walking into closed doors, you begin to doubt yourself, because you question your abilities in the first place, and begin to think that you are not enough. 

There are several students who live in this state, let’s call it “black”, and often they do not have the strength to speak up and vent their frustration. 

That vicious circle of fear begins, where you are afraid to share your ideas for fear that they too will be rejected, and you begin to have that block that does nothing but harm the individual.

Everything you do or think automatically loses its meaning and interest, it can be said that it is like living in a bubble. When you desperately ask for help but the only thing you find is another closed door. 

Everyone expects you to emerge, but you have lost the strength to rise, you have lost the concentration that a project like a dissertation requires.

Then there is that factor that takes you even further to the bottom. The ideas of others are better than yours, this is because you see others succeed, and you? When you then ask for ideas, others expect you to know what to do. But in reality, if you already feel lost, this disorients you more and more. You cry you despair, but things do not change, you try in every way to find strength, but all your efforts are useless. 

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