Editor’s Letter – October 2021

Photo By: Richie Hancox

Editor’s Letter – October 2021

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe during this time!

First and foremost, everyone at Mental Magazine would like to wish all new and returning university students all the best this year! The academic year is underway and a lot of new chapters are beginning for so many people. Now with the world in a relatively normal setting, please make sure you keep yourselves safe!

However, it is also important that you create as many memories as you can! University is easily one of the most exciting periods in anyone’s life. This new chapter for many of you will be a defining one, as there are changes that will shape your life ahead of you.

There will be plenty of content from us that will include advice and tips on how to make your university career successful. It is more than just academics, it is an experience that can change your life!

I would also like to send a big shout out to the wonderful team of writers! These past few months have been slower from my side, however, they have stuck by me and continue to produce excellent content. As well as the writers, I want to thank the core team for keeping us going too!

Finally, a huge thank you to you, the readers! There is no Mental Magazine without you all because this is something you want. We want to ensure that students are provided with the best advice possible for their wellbeing. This journey has allowed us to learn a lot and those lessons continue every single day for us.

Sunday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day! A very important day for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for related content.

Wishing everyone all the best and remember to stay positive and upbeat, no matter what!



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