When Reality Slaps You In The Face

silver framed eyeglasses on wooden surface

I’ve said before that I can have a tendency to live in a dream world. A world where everyone is capable of being nice to one another, where people can and do change for the better. This dream world is sustainable and the only way I can move through life without breaking down. However, sometimes reality likes to give us a slap in the face from nowhere.

The other way in which I tend to move through life in a dream world is with the belief that everything will always work out in the end.  It is how I manage my stress levels and how I maintain my relentlessly positive attitude to life.  Things will always work out for the best because they always have before and because they have to because what happens if they don’t?  what do I do if things don’t work themselves out?

Occasionally however, very occasionally to be fair, reality likes to take a running jump kick to my face and bring my entire constructed world view crashing down. Those are days like today.  In reality, nothing in my life has changed since yesterday, certainly not for the worse, but suddenly, out of nowhere, I feel incredibly stuck. 

I know that this feeling doesn’t make much sense, I am aware that I am making progress with things in my life, but it certainly feels like slow progress, and there is nothing much to show for it. I feel I am lacking in so many areas of my life today.

When days, or sometimes weeks like this come along, it can be very difficult for me to remain motivated and can feel damn near impossible to stay positive. I try to remind myself that the reality checks and stress level rises are necessary to keep things realistic and remind me exactly who I am and what I am really doing with my life, after all, dreaming doesn’t pay the bills. We dreamers and idealists need regular doses of reality to ensure that our ability to give everything a positive spin doesn’t stray into burying our head in the sand. 

When reality comes along to slap you fellow relentlessly positive people in the face, just remember that it is a blip, a necessary blip. We are dreamers and as such can get carried away.  We need reality, we need some negativity, we just need to remember to keep it diluted enough that we can cope with it. A vial skill for us dreamers is to learn how to defend against the inevitable negativity and reality sides of life without killing them. Find what works for you, and know that this is all temporary, you will be dreaming again soon enough, just as soon as you remember how good it feels with those rose-tinted glasses.

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