Our Minds Need To Be Explored

Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

I like to imagine that our minds are a little bit like a jungle. At first glance, they can appear to be quite scary places. We perceive them filled with strange and frightening creatures, dense and impenetrable; places not to be ventured into lightly.

We may be scared by what we think we will find there, and as a result, leave well alone. We may ask ‘why would we want to go there if we really don’t have to?’ thinking that any attempt to explore its depths would be difficult. Despite knowing that our minds are part of who we are we may assume that there is danger within them and if we enter we may become lost and at risk of somehow causing harm to ourselves. Having this perception means that for some of us, our minds become closed places, fenced off and out of bounds. 

When this happens we cannot fully understand ourselves or be completely engaged with our emotions. The mind is left to its own devices and can often run out of control. When this occurs we simply do not know what is going on.  We will react to things or feel things without really knowing why; ‘It is just how I am’, ‘it is just what happens there is nothing I can do about it’. We also allow ourselves to be easily distracted and lack the focus needed to bring our minds back under control.

Of course it does not need to be like this. If it is at all possible we should not be afraid explore the realms of our mind, to bring them under control and ultimately recognise what it is capable in making us a better person. Yes, it can, from the outside appear to be a bit of a scary place, be it filled with ghosts of the past or uncomfortable feelings about ourselves and our lives.

But with courage and determination we can chart this unknown space, recognise that it is not as frightening as we first believed. In actual fact the things that we at first wanted to run away from, once explored and come to terms with can be powerful tools for driving us forward and achieving goals. The jungles of our mind can therefore become beautiful places, places where we will want to spend more time, will be comfortable to be and not want to run away from.  

Sometimes all it takes is a little pluck to make that first step into the unknown.

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