“All In The Mind” – What It Means To Me

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Photo by Mikel Parera on Unsplash

How many times have you heard someone say “it’s all in the mind”? But what do they mean? Delusion perhaps, paranoia or even hallucinations. To be honest all in the mind reminds me of days gone by.

Few people stop and think about what actually goes on in the mind of a schizophrenic person. To be correct, when the mind becomes distorted so does everything in life. Believing your paranoia or delusions halt your world. All in the mind is a cliche with little to no understanding. When your mind stops working delusion and paranoia takes control, it is anything but all in the mind.

Acute psychosis is a difficult condition to live with, a soul-destroying unseen disability. Few people understand the real world of mental illness the mad person only let out at weekends. The reality of losing control of your mind is completely unimaginable. If you never experience voices there’s no way you can come to understand or show sympathy towards losing your mind.

The so-called unrealistic look at the world tainted by mental illness, an illness that deprives you of your reasoning. The simple situation, fearful of stepping out in the big wide world alone. Schizophrenia has often left me feeling alone, isolated and separated from society. The stigma never ends neither do your delusion. You learn to live but they are always there.

My life with schizophrenia is a continuing journey of how to live and how not to. So all I can say is it’s anything but in the mind. You may feel I am talking about nonsense hear rambling on about mental illness like it’s the end of the world but then I feel so many times it was

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