My Last Year At University

Photo Credit: Unsplash, by Vasily Koloda

The last year of university is always unknown, and everyone always reacts differently. Here’s how I react to my final year in higher education.

Here we are, September, at the gates of my final year. If I had to think about what to do after graduation, I honestly have no idea. I would like to do a master’s degree but, in hindsight, I don’t know how to handle it all. The thing that most anguishes me is knowing that something beautiful is about to end and all those things connected with it. For example, I will no longer see that wonderful campus I have been at for the past few years.

Also, the friendships that were born, which to tell the truth, I didn’t even expect. I think the thing I will miss most will be them, my friends. With them, I have created wonderful connections. We have established a very close relationship, but unfortunately, I think that two of them will most likely return to their country of origin.

I will miss the laughs and the days spent together and the group work, in short, they are my little family in London. However, the end of university also gives positive emotions; we have survived things that those who have not been there cannot understand, such as people who disappear during projects and not knowing how to manage the situation. The cries after a bad grade, the times you arrive late for class because the overground has decided to stop halfway, and the buses do not pass, then you have to call an uber.

In short, university is a place where you experience a lot of conflicting emotions but all of them make you feel alive. Another thing is that it will be strange and go back to playing volleyball but with a different team since most of my former teammates are already graduates.

One thing is certain, I will always have a beautiful memory of this experience that shaped me, and I think it will continue to do so. It will be strange at first, but I think that in the end, the roads with all the people I met during this adventure will end up crossing again… 

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