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The Darkside Of Mental Illness

The unspoken truth – the last taboo of mental illness has for a long time centered around the violent mentally ill person. Often portrayed in the media with various headlines constantly referring to the so-called violent schizophrenic.

These many stories and articles are intended for a certain audience and of course, to sell newspapers. The violent psychotic portrayed for so long has made the public fearful. In fact, most mentally ill people are no more violent than anyone else.

People with mental illnesses are much more often the victims of violence rather than the perpetrators. Statistics show that only 5% of violent incidents were committed by people with severe mental illness. So why the dark side and why so much misinformation and inaccurate articles?

This might be due to a lack of education on the subject matter both by the media and society. So what should we do, in order to educate ourselves and others?

Firstly, consider mental health awareness, training in schools. Secondly, hold the media accountable for a fair representation of people with mental illness and finally educate the rest of society.

The stigma of mental illness being violent should be challenged, by remembering that individuals are often harmless and sensitive with feelings and of course emotions.

The truth is many people with mental illnesses find themselves marginalized, without acceptability or fairness. The dark side of mental illnesses has always been a uneducated look at what those suffering. Not to mention the lack of responsibility and accountability from the media.

To this argument justice, many violent mentally ill people you read about in the media often have simply been unable to receive the proper help and care they need. As a consequence, they became violent and unpredictable. Allowing them to slip through the system ending up in various newspapers and media.

In conclusion just like any other illness in this world, the stigma and misinformation of the violent mentally ill patient and the somewhat senseless way of thinking must end full stop.

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