Editor’s Letter – September 2021

Photo By: Richie Hancox

Hi everyone!

I sincerely hope you all had a great summer! It went way too quick, didn’t it!?! Nonetheless we move on, life and the world never stops!

It’s that time of year, schools and universities are ready to return! A significant period of the year for loads of people, I hope all you students are ready for the next academic year ahead!

Challenging times persist and an air of anxiety continues to linger for many of us. It’s important to remember that you do things at your own pace; do not feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. Understandably things are open again and people will want to party, but if you don’t feel up to it, then remember that is your decision!

The safety of students is very important still as is the wellbeing of all. Make sure you maintain a healthy balance between academics and work life. It’s okay to take a breather and some time out, don’t work yourself into the ground. The academic year is a long one, so make sure you create time for yourself.

We here at Mental Magazine want to be with you every step of the way this year! So expect loads of content from our wonderful writers and hey, if you fancy writing for us then get in touch!

For now I hope you are all ready for another year and are enjoying your final days of the summer. Keep your heads held high and stay positive, always!



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