What To Take And Not Take To University

When you go to university, there are always concerns about what you should be taking. What items do you really need to take? And what can you leave at home?

What to take:

  1. Weather appropriate clothes

You are going to spend an entire year in your university flat, and therefore will go through all the seasons! Remember to pack a warm coat in the winter and some shorts for the summer to avoid having to spend more money when you are unprepared. You don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe, however!

2. A game

Not necessary a drinking game (but these are always handy if you are a drinker!), but a small board game or a pack of cards can come in handy to bond with your flatmates and people on your course. Or even a gaming console if you have one!

3. Tupperware

When at university, life can get costly quickly. One way to save some money is to pre-make your food and bulk it, saving money on ingredients. It also lets you always have something to eat, when studying for long hours.

4. A good pair of headphones or earphones

A good pair of earphones or headphones are a great idea to have handy when in your flat. Student flats can get noisy, so try to counteract that with a good pair of headphones to block it out!

5. Medical details

It’s a great idea to bring the details of any and all medications you are on, as well as details for glasses prescriptions and other related information. Just in case you had an issue with these things and couldn’t get home to get the details you require.

What you don’t need:

  1. A suitcase

Don’t bother taking a suitcase to university unless you really need to. It will just take up space in your room which you can’t afford to lose. Instead, bring a duffel bag. This solves your space issues, while still allowing you the ability to carry your clothes where required.

2. Your car

You won’t need to drive your car at university, but more importantly, while in halls, you may not be able to have access to a regular parking space. Which could cause you issues when you are there. Instead, get yourself a student railcard, or ride a bike.

3. Most appliances

Unless your flat does not come with one, or you really need your own ones, you won’t need to bring most appliances to your flat. Such as kettles, toasters and irons, your flat will probably have one available for you to use. If you are unsure, you can contact your landlord to find out if they have one available.

4. Furniture

The majority of university flats will have their own furniture for you to use already, don’t worry about buying chairs or a wardrobe, as your flat should come with these already! If you aren’t sure, check with your landlord!

5. Every book on your reading lists

When you go to university, your courses will provide you with a reading list, full of books that are suitable for your degree and may help you. But realistically, you won’t need all these books. It’s best to wait till you start the course and your modules and get a feel for what is required. Some courses will have core books required, and you could contact your teacher to find these out if you are eager to get a head start.

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