That Bump In The Road Could Be Your Springboard

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On this journey that we call life, we will always experience setbacks. Sometimes these will be big and can destroy huge chunks of our motivation and drive, but sometimes they can be small, and they can be your absolute best friend.

This week I had a job interview.  It was for a position that would have suited me perfectly, I was excited about the prospect and did a lot of research on the role and the organisation to ensure I was properly prepared. The interview rolls around, I have a banging tension headache, and it is 30 degrees outside. 

I knew, throughout the interview that it was not my best. The heat was definitely messing with my ability to even form coherent sentences let alone present myself as a smart, capable, ideal candidate for the role. 

It’s safe to say that I did not get the job, and that every inconvenience I listed above is nothing more than an excuse. The truth of the matter is that there was an individual who was simply more suited to the role. This is something that, as an entity with wonderfully low self-esteem, I can accept easily and can move on. 

However, this particular little blip in my plans feels different from all of the other career rejections I have ever had. This one has fired up something else in my brain and I am not going to sit and eat chocolate and wonder why I wasn’t right for a role that felt so perfect.

The first reaction my brain offered up was that of gratitude, I am currently employed and am managing to pay my bills, so I won’t have to go without food for not landing this role. Then something else clicked. I loved the idea of the job I was interviewing for, but it still wasn’t what I want to do deep down. 

It would have meant that I was tied to a certain location, I would have had to have asked for time off and hope that it was approved rather than just take time off when I want. I also had a nagging fear at the back of my mind that it would lead to me giving up on certain dreams that I have been working on for the best part of a year now. 

And that leads us to now, sitting in my living room that I really should be cleaning, but instead I am writing. I am writing because it comes naturally to me, and because I hope, deep, deep down, that the words on this screen speak to someone. That they help someone feel less alone. 

This bump in the road has refueled a flame that was struggling in the wind of the responsibilities that come with adult life. I am writing, I will keep writing, I will keep sending these short little articles out into the void that is the internet in the vain hope that someone, somewhere, feels a little bit better for a little while. 

Not getting this job could be the best thing that happens to me, as long as I capitalise on the feelings and emotions it has left me with.  My head is swimming with creativity and sometimes we just have to let it out. 

So, my advice to you is, jump on those setbacks, those bumps in the road. Embrace them for everything they truly are: a chance to make your life as extraordinary as it was always meant to be.

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