Ready To Prioritize Mental Health?

When you hear the words mental health, what do you think of? Do you visualize walking through nature or taking a long bath? Do terms such as mindfulness and self-care come to mind?  Maybe you view mental health as a superfluous, taboo topic.

Now think about your mental health. What does your mental health mean to you?

My Perspective

As a high school student, I learned about health and illness from a primarily physiological perspective – I learned that psychological elements factored into health, but that biological elements determined health. Through this mindset, I viewed mental health as important but ancillary, helpful but not necessary to optimize my health and luxury that would eventually fall into place as long as I was strong enough.

As I continued my studies, I explored a broadened approach to health that explained how a multitude of biological, psychological, and social factors interacted to determine health outcomes. As my outlook on the determinants of health shifted, I realized just how flawed my approach to mental health was – mental health is not ancillary, unnecessary, or a luxury, it is a primary determinant of health that needs to be actively maintained.

Evolvere Mental Health

 Throughout my educational journey, I had a front-row seat to the toll that life and school-related demands can take on youth and young adults, and the limited resources available to them. Equipped with my lived and learned experiences, I developed and launched – a free platform that aims to:

  • AMPLIFY your voice in conversations about mental health and student life
  • FACILITATE and encourage open discussions about mental health and student life
  • EQUIP youth and young adults with strategies to help them actively care for their mental health
  • EMPOWER you to advocate for your mental health

Our Philosophy

Evolvere [Ē⸱vŏl⸱vērɇ] Mental Health was created with the understanding that mental health is dynamic and must be actively maintained. To help you take steps to actively maintain your mental health, we collaborate with students, professionals, and advocates to bring you curated articles, captivating challenges, and compelling conversations.

Are YOU ready to prioritize your mental health?

Head over to and join the movement!

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