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Editor’s Letter – July 2021

Photo By: Richie Hancox

Editor’s Letter – July 2021

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all been keeping well and safe!

We are almost one month into our new lifecycle on WordPress! It has been a fantastic opening month, but we know there is only more growth to come. That is the most exciting part of this journey: growth!

I would like to thank everyone associated with Mental Magazine for their amazing work! This will always be a project built on togetherness, unity, and more importantly friendship. I am so lucky to have wonderful people on the team, I really could not have asked for better people.

Of course, thank you to you, the readers! You are the ones who continue to motivate us and drive us to work harder. Every view counts towards a dream, something we can all achieve together. Thank you for your likes, comments and kind feedback over this past year.

As always, please keep your eyes peeled for content this month, as the summer period begins to ramp up! Lots of school and university-related content to come. So for those who are heading to university in September, this will be useful for you! Nonetheless, the content is always class here thanks to our talented writers.

Above all else though: what do you want to see from us? More Instagram live sessions? Q&As? Let us know! Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tell us what you want to see! We want to listen to our readers, as you are the wonderful people who allow us to bring you content daily!

For now, please take care of yourselves and stay safe. If you’re out watching the footy, please abide by government guidelines. This pandemic is not over yet so look out for others, oh and check on your friends and family!



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