How I Have Overcome Schizophrenia

My schizophrenia has always been a battle. Although it’s got better over the years it’s never gone away. Years of medication and coping strategies have worked, but it was starting a degree that helped me progress to some sort of normality.

Four years ago, I enrolled at the Open University. I have never looked back. It gave me something to occupy my mind, a purpose, as no one took me seriously. Years ago people with schizophrenia weren’t expected to do much.

So when I actually passed my first four modules including economics and mathematics, my self-belief increased. After 35 years, my life has finally taking shape. Concentrating on coursework deadlines pushed me in a direction worth pursuing.

Self-belief is vital, especially for me. My education has been great for the past four years. I have not lost sight of what I want to achieve.

Continuing with my studying and the health of my mind I soon realised that studying could be a way of the greater good, bringing me down to earth. This also gave me a future beyond a hospital ward.

Getting involved with the Open University has definitely given me a path towards a career in statistics (Not bad considering that people like me weren’t worth educating!)

Despite everything, I found the prospect of university life stressful in various ways. End of term assignments difficult to digest to personal development. So no matter how tough times are, you’ll always be able to push through.

If I was capable, then anyone is! Don’t let society make you believe your illnesses prevent you from acheieving anything in life.

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