There Is Good In The World

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Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash

There is good in the world

There is good in the world. Often, it can get drowned out by the bad, by the ugly, by the greed in the world. If you watch the news, it is so easy to become overwhelmed by all of the world’s negative things but try to see the good.

There is so much good in this world.  There is good in the bumblebee drinking from a dewdrop on a leaf.  There is good in the child who spends their walk home from school picking up ten bits of rubbish every day. There is good in the person who sits with the Big Issue Seller to learn about their story. There is good in the endless stream of birthday fundraisers on Facebook.

There is good in the person who checks on their neighbour when they haven’t seen them in a couple of days. There is good in the woman who donates her children’s toys to a domestic abuse charity. There is good in the man who cherishes every short moment he gets with his kids while trying to keep a roof over their heads. There is good in the elderly couple who act as honorary grandparents for every kid in the neighbourhood without any.  There is good in the little boy who asks his little brother what’s wrong when he sees he is crying.  

There are good in the infinite patterns of the clouds and the stars. There are good in the people who spend their nights gazing at the sky waiting for that one star to wish on. There are good in the people who dedicate their lives to helping others. There are good in the child who overcame cancer to raise money for their local cancer unit. There are good in the person taking on incredible physical challenges to raise money for important charities. There are good people who volunteer in war zones and refugee camps. 

There is good in every sunset and every sunrise. There is good in the storm after unbearable heat. There is good in the winter frost. There is good in the swell of the ocean and the ebb of the tide. There is good in the pain of growth. There is good in the relief of healing.

There is good in the heart of every one of us, if we just care to listen to it.

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