Space Kids – A Short Poem

Space Kids – A short poem

Space boy,

Come give me a kiss.

I know I just can’t give up on this.

My green skin and yours pale blue,

It only makes me fall deeper in love with you.

I have scales and you have feathers,

And you use your wings to protect me from the weather.

Space boy,

From a planet so far.

Our differences make us who we are.

Space girl,

You make my stomach twirl.

I’ll take you where you want to go,

All you have to do is just say so.

My heart is doing flips,

When I stare at your lips.

My head hurts,

When you wear skirts,

And knowing I’d hit dirt.

Space girl,

I love the feel of your skin.

Space girl,

You pull me in for a win.

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